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Why Choose Hikmah Education?

Hikmah Learning Center provides remedial, enrichment, and homework support services to students of all ages. We combine innovative educational technology with classic educational pedagogy to bring out the best in our students!

Personalized Learning

Learning to Read

Hikmah Learning gives your child an unparalleled, personalized learning experience where every aspect of your child's education is tailored to them. From their academic aptitude and IQ to their learning style and personality. Our curriculum adapts in real-time to cater to your child. With the power of Generative AI, no two children will ever have the same curriculum at Hikmah. 

Industry-Leading Technology

From Generative AI and Gamification to Project Based Learning and curriculum that adapts in real-time, our competitors are jealous of our technology! We harness our innovative technology to craft a curriculum that delivers unmatched results for your child!


Teachers, Teachers, Teachers


At Hikmah, our teachers are the star of the show. Our teachers are trained in the nuances of pedagogy, and directed to cater to the unique needs of each of their students. Our technology all but eliminates the administrative work that normally occupies a teachers day - allowing them to give all of their attention and energy to giving your child a world-class educational experience.

A Track Record of Success

Our remarkable academic pedigree has yielded some incredible results. We've helped students catch up 2 grade levels in a single summer. We've helped students increase their SAT score by over 180 points and guided over 30 students to the Ivy League. From GPA bumps of over a point to skyrocketing confidence levels, our results speak for themselves.

Solving Math Equations

What Our Competitors Don't Want You to Know

Trust us, we used to work in these companies!

Hands on Learning

While our competitors use cookie cutter tests and recycled curriculum and claim to be personalized, we harness Generative AI to create truly tailored and bespoke curriculum for our students. W e embrace the power of Generative AI to ensure that no two children ever encounter the same curriculum. Each problem, lesson, and project is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and learning trajectory of your student. This level of customization is unparalleled, as our advanced technology dynamically adapts and evolves in real-time, responding to each student's unique academic progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This is what true personalization looks like – a curriculum that is as unique as your child, crafted with precision and care, ensuring an optimal and individualized learning experience.

We're truly personalized, they're not.

Teacher and her student

At Hikmah Learning, we know that the tutoring world can be a mixed bag – you've got competitors out there who might skimp on quality, hiring high school kids or underpaid teachers who barely get any training, and yet, they charge sky-high prices. That's not our style. We go all in on our teachers, giving them the full lowdown on everything from the history of education to the nitty-gritty of socioemotional learning. They're up to speed on different learning styles and how to make learning not just effective, but fun too. And it doesn't stop there – our teachers get ongoing training to stay sharp, so your kid always gets top-notch tutoring. Plus, we believe in paying our teachers what they're worth; they're the stars of our show, and we make sure their compensation reflects that. At Hikmah, we're all about getting you the best bang for your buck, with teachers who are as invested in your child's success as you are. Our teachers are the star of the show, and our entire company acts like it.

Our teachers receive continuous training, their teachers train for a week. 

Innovative Learning

Let's face it, in the world of education, some folks are just stuck in the past. You've got these big, clunky tutoring companies still clinging to the same old curriculum, turning a blind eye to how kids' learning styles are evolving. They’re pretty much snoozing on the whole tech revolution that’s shaking up how we learn. But not us at Hikmah Education. We’re all about riding the wave of future tech and tools in education. While they're dragging their feet, we’re zipping ahead, fully embracing AI and other groundbreaking tech to make learning a whole new ball game. Our approach is fresh, adaptable, and totally in tune with what students need today. And the best part? We’re nimble – not some giant, slow-moving ship. We can shift, adapt, and innovate way faster, making sure your kid gets the most up-to-date and effective education possible. It's like comparing a sleek sports car to a lumbering old bus – and trust us, we're the sports car in this analogy.

We're caught up with the times, they're lagging behind. 

Student Exploring and hands on learning

We care about more than Just Test Scores (even though ours are better than theirs!)

At Hikmah Learning, we firmly believe that your child is so much more than just a grade. We, of course, care a lot about your child's grades, we also know that they’re not the be-all and end-all. Education is about the whole picture – it’s about happiness, skill development, confidence, and how engaged your child feels in their learning journey. That’s why, unlike our competitors who might fixate on test scores (and let's be real, our scores are significantly better compared to theirs!), we measure our success on a broader scale. We look at how happy your child is, how confident they feel tackling new challenges, and how their skills are shaping up for the real world. We’re in the business of nurturing well-rounded individuals, not just grade machines. So, while we’ll definitely give your child’s grades a boost, we’ll also be cheering them on as they grow into confident, skilled, and happy learners – because that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

Skills Development

Skills, Resume & Professional Development

Hey, let's talk about leveling up skills and building a solid resume – something we at Hikmah Learning take seriously, and frankly, our competitors just don’t seem to get. We’re not just about acing tests; we’re about setting your kid up for real-world success. Our program includes professional development, resume-building workshops, and hands-on projects that give students a taste of the professional world. We're talking about skills that shine in job interviews and experiences that make a resume stand out in a pile. While other tutoring centers might stop at academic basics, we go the extra mile, preparing your child not just for the next test, but for their future career and life goals. That’s the Hikmah edge – we’re in it for the long haul, helping your child build a foundation that will carry them far beyond the classroom.

A Robotic Future

We prepare students for a future with AI & uncertainty.

While our competitors are busy prepping kids to just regurgitate info for the next big test, over here at Hikmah Learning, we’re lighting up young minds with the know-how they need to thrive in an AI-driven world. Let’s face it, the future's all about AI, and it’s not just about understanding it – it’s about being ready to compete with it. Our students today are gearing up to face off with AI tomorrow, and in this fast-changing tech landscape, a solid, forward-thinking education is your best bet to make sure your kid doesn't just keep up but stands out. We’re talking real skills here, not just textbook theory. By weaving AI understanding and digital savvy into our curriculum, we’re ensuring that your child is not just AI-aware but AI-prepared. We know that the students of today will be facing a future that is looking more and more uncertain. We believe that the best bet to prepare our children to take on an unknown outlook is a solid education that is well-rounded, effective, and designed specifically for your child. In a future that’s looking more ‘Jetsons’ than ‘Flintstones,’ (we may be dating ourselves here) trust us, Hikmah Learning is the way to gear up your kid for success.

Classical & Modern Education

Integration of Classical & Contemporary Education

At Hikmah Learning, we're blending the wisdom of the ages with today's cutting-edge knowledge and technology. We combine an education fit for royalty (think of the tutors given to Frederick the Great or the children of Sultans) and humanity's greatest thinkers (such as Aristotle and Confusious) with the remarkable technology of modern society. While other places might stick to the same old textbooks or redundant worksheets, we're sharpening your child's mind with the wonders of poetry, history, economics, psychology and more! We're spicing things up by mixing classical education – you know, the big ideas, timeless literature, and deep philosophical thoughts – with the latest and greatest of modern learning. This isn't just about memorizing dates or formulas; it's about thinking big, just like the greatest minds of human history. We're crafting Renaissance men and women here, ready to tackle the future with a brain full of the best from both worlds. That's the Hikmah way – unique, timeless, and totally game-changing.

Generative AI in Education

We Truly Customize our Curriculum using Generative AI

Here at Hikmah Learning, we're bringing the future to the classroom with our game-changing use of generative AI. While our competitors are still handing out those one-size-fits-all printed worksheets or relying on static iPad curriculums, we're busy crafting a learning experience that's as unique as your kid. Thanks to the magic of generative AI, every lesson plan, every problem, and every project is customized to fit your child's learning style and pace. No two kids get the same curriculum here; it's like having a personal educational tailor, ensuring that every bit of learning fits your child perfectly. This isn't just teaching; it's high-tech, high-touch education for the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Say goodbye to the days of dull, cookie-cutter learning and hello to a world where education is as dynamic and unique as our students.

Inspiring Leadership in Children

We create future leaders, they create average students.

At Hikmah Learning, we’re in the business of molding future leaders, not just churning out average students. While some competitors might be content with just getting students through the next exam (and lightening your wallet in the process), we’re setting our sights higher. We’re talking about nurturing thinkers, innovators, and trailblazers who are ready to leave their mark on the world. Our approach goes beyond the basics; we equip our students with critical thinking skills, a deep understanding of technology like AI, and the ability to adapt and excel in an ever-changing world. It’s about investing in your child’s future, not just spending on their present. So, while others may settle for mediocrity and offer little value for your money, at Hikmah Learning, we're committed to delivering an unparalleled educational experience that sets your child up for a lifetime of success and leadership.

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