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The Social Sciences

At Hikmah Education, our Social Science program comprises a range of subjects designed to provide students with a deep understanding of human society and its dynamics. Here are six key subjects of our program, along with their importance and benefits:


Studying psychology helps students understand human behavior and mental processes. This knowledge is crucial for personal development and fostering empathy. In the short term, it aids in better communication and conflict resolution skills. Long-term benefits include enhanced emotional intelligence and the ability to navigate complex social environments, beneficial in both personal and professional settings.


Sociology provides insight into how societies function and the factors that influence social behavior. Short-term, students develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of their social surroundings. Long-term, they gain the ability to analyze societal trends and issues, which is invaluable in careers like public policy, social work, or urban planning.

Political Science

This subject explores government systems, political behavior, and public policies. In the short term, students become more informed citizens, understanding their rights and responsibilities. Long-term, this knowledge is vital for those pursuing careers in law, politics, or public administration, enabling them to contribute effectively to governance and policy-making.


Economics teaches students about the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Short-term benefits include improved decision-making skills and financial literacy. Long-term, a deep understanding of economic principles is crucial for careers in business, finance, and economic policy, and for contributing to economic development and sustainability.


History provides an understanding of past events and their impact on the present. Short-term, it enhances critical thinking and research skills. Long-term, a strong grasp of history is essential for understanding current global issues and for roles in education, law, and public service, where historical context is invaluable.


Anthropology offers insights into human cultures, societies, and evolutionary history. In the short term, students develop cultural awareness and adaptability. Long-term, this knowledge is beneficial in globalized careers such as international relations, public health, and cultural preservation, where an understanding of cultural diversity is crucial.

Taking it to the next level - 


Learn Directly from the Experts

A standout aspect of our program is the opportunity for students to learn directly from experts actively working in their fields. Imagine learning the intricacies of psychology from a tenured psychologist, who brings real-world experience and contemporary psychological practices into the classroom. Similarly, studying political science under the guidance of an experienced senator provides invaluable insights into the practicalities of governance and policy-making. These interactions offer students nuanced perspectives and in-depth understandings that textbooks alone cannot provide, greatly influencing their intellectual development and professional aspirations.

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Behavioral Lab for Real-time Social Experiments

Our program includes access to a state-of-the-art behavioral lab, where students can design and conduct social science experiments in real time. This feature allows psychology and sociology students to study human behavior, social interactions, and societal trends in a controlled environment. By observing and analyzing real-time data, students gain hands-on experience in research methodologies, data analysis, and the practical application of theoretical knowledge. This direct engagement in experimental research enhances their understanding of human behavior and social dynamics, equipping them with skills valuable in many professional fields.

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Hikmah Funded Social Science Projects & Grants

Our program offers opportunities for students to engage in global coding and software development collaborations. Through partnerships with schools and organizations around the world, students work on collaborative coding projects, participating in international hackathons and coding challenges. This global collaboration not only enhances their technical skills but also cultivates a sense of global citizenship, teamwork, and cross-cultural communication.

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