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Our valued partners

All In Learning Logo
All-in Learning

All In Learning and Hikmah Education have a multi-year relationship committed to bringing technological excellence and innovation to education. While Hikmah Education specializes in the software and AI side of education software, All-in Learning excels in their educational hardware capabilities; making for a match made in heaven between our two remarkable companies!

FuelEd Logo

FuelEd supports our mission in creating aware, compassionate and psychologically sensitive teachers. All of our teachers undergo training with FuelEd, a company that works with school districts across the nation to train and develop teachers to operate with the understanding of the socio-emotional impacts they have on their students.

Fish Tank Learning Logo
Fish Tank Learning
Mathigon Logo

The well established partnership between Mathigon and Hikmah Education brings math innovation and a variety of learning plans to our students. With math capabilities ranging from number theory to advanced calculus, our partnership with Mathigon has led to incredible success for our students for many years!

Geogebra Logo

The partnership between GeoGebra and Hikmah Education brings powerful interactive and hands-on geometric learning to our students of all ages. GeoGebra's innovative learning platform takes complex mathematical and scientific concepts and makes them tangible and visible to our students!

Fish Tank Learning is on the cutting edge of curriculum development for home schools and charter schools across the U.S. Our companies work together to create innovative, informed, and effective curriculum that is at the cutting edge of education and leading the charge in a post-COVID educational enviornment.

IdentoGo Logo

IdentoGo and Hikmah Education work together to ensure the safety of all of our students. All teachers are subject to an FBI fingerprint background check that verifies the background and capabiltiies of our teachers while ensuring their credit and background checks are clear!

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

As a privledged partner with Khan Academy, we support the development of Khan Academy's assessment based curriculum, in return, Hikmah Education gets tailored and customized lessons from Khan Academy's top instructors for our students! Khan Academy's top instructors are the basis of our AI-generated lessons.

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