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What we Teach

At Hikmah Learning, we embrace the philosophy that a well-rounded education is the key to nurturing future leaders. Our diverse range of subjects, meticulously designed to cater to every facet of intellectual development, ensures that students not only accelerate through their K12 education but also lay the groundwork for success in prestigious colleges and beyond. By encompassing an expansive spectrum of disciplines, from the arts and humanities to the sciences and technology, our program supplements traditional learning with deeper, more meaningful insights. Our aim is to prepare each student for a life of consequence, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and perspective necessary to lead with confidence and empathy in an ever-evolving world.

Stack of Books

English & Literature

From Elementary Reading to Advanced Literature - From accelerated English lessons relevant to the SAT to Conversations with Authors; our English curriculum enlightens our student with the wonders of literature its stories, its teachings, and its empathetic lessons.



From Junior History to Lessons from Historians - Our History Curriculum Covers K12 History through AP Exams; supplemented with field trips, and a vast, nuanced, and detailed understanding of world history as told by subject expert historians, anthropologists, and archeologists.

Math Notebook and Calculator


From Basic Arithmetic to Mathematical & Number Theory - From accelerated Mathematical Learning to understanding the role Math plays in our universe; Our Math curriculum launches our student's capabilities, enhances their problem solving skills, and enriches their understanding of the world

Business Meeting


Real World Learning & Resume Building - Every student and every subject is taught under the parameters of real world application that build your student's resume; such as developing Software that Supports Homeless Shelter operations to economic experiments to support healthcare.

DNA Strand


From Physics and Chemistry to Medical Sciences - From hands on experimentation to lessons with Physicists and Doctors; our Science Curriculum highlights the wonders of the world around us while following in the footsteps of the greatest scientific minds and teachings humanity has to offer.

The Death of Socrates

Fine Arts

An Appreciation & Retelling of the Human Story from Experts - The Story of Art is the story of humanity, its feelings, and its vision. Under the tutelage of art experts and historians, our students travel locally and internationally to see, learn, and experience the art that has told the story of humanity.


Computer Science

Learning The Language of the Future - In a world with AI automating away professional jobs , a strong understanding of Computer Science is vital. All students will learn about AI and how to code and whilst those who choose to specialize will gain an expert level understanding.

Reading E-book in Park

Social Science

An Understanding of Humanity - Often overlooked, an effective social science education opens up a world of understanding and opportunities for our students. Led by world-class psychologists, sociologists, and politicians our students build understandings & networks.

Speaker in front of a Crowd

Professional Development

Staying Ahead of the Competition - From Communication and Resume Building to Networking and Leadership Training; our Professional Development is designed to expose our students to a corporate and leadership environment. Our students sit in board rooms, lead teams, and tackle real world problems.

Music Performer


Opening the Mind to Creativity - Music opens the mind and significantly boosts creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability in our students. Students will have individual lessons with expert instructors in instruments such as the piano, violin, and saxophone.

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Digital Media Training and Development

Digital Media

Communication in a Digital World - In today's digital world, effective media usage and communication is paramount. Our expert led media training program teaches everything from the algorithm to handling oneself in front of a camera.

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Classical Learning

Follow in the Footsteps of the Greats - From Kings and Poets to Scholars and Scientists, we follow in the educational footsteps left behind by some of the greatest minds the world has to offer. We enrich and elevate your child's education with a classical blend of the sciences, art, literature, and more

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Working Together on Project


A Lifetime of Networking - We foster an environment of friendship through competitiveness. Our students rely on one another to tackle projects, problem solve, and strive for greatness. Your child leaves Hikmah with a close network of friends who'll join them at the top ranks of society as the leaders of tomorrow.

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A presentation at the office


Understanding the Mechanisms of the Modern World - We heavily prioritize Economics in our curriculum. From basic budgeting and financial literacy to advanced monetary theory, our teachers and mentors from the financial industry teach it all. To be successful in our modern world, our students are equipped with a deep rooted financial understanding

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cultural gate


A Tour of the World - A Staple of Education Missing from schools nationwide, we introduce our students to the beauty the world has to offer. From mythology and poetry to dance, music, and film. An understanding of the world is vital to one day leading it.

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Trees From Above


Fortune 500 Companies, Business Owners, Congressman - Through our wide network of business partners and politicians; your student will participate in paid internships under executive tutelage with Fortune 500 Companies, Congressmen, and more. Our students build powerful networks, resumes and experiences.

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