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In Service to the Muslim Community

Hikmah Education was built upon the Islamic approach to education and infuses Islamic pride and virtue into our curriculum. Read about the benefits our program has for our communities and dive into our long-term vision to bringing lasting change to the Ummah. 

Two women wearing hijabs

Our Youth.

  • Will have access to a world-class education at a significantly discounted rate.

  • Will have mentorship and guidance through the turbulence of youth and career planning.

  • Will form bonds with role models within their community.

  • Develop strong study habits, build a lasting academic resume & marketable soft skills.

  • Connect with the mosque, with like-minded friends, and with their community.

Cleaning Nature

Our Young Adults.

  • Ability to mentor the youth and guide them through their academic journey. 

  • Well-paying and marketable job opportunities ($25+/hr)

  • Leadership development and management opportunities.

  • Tuition Reimbursement, PTO, and 401(k)

  • PLENTY of growth opportunities. 

  • Equity Earning & profit sharing for select employees.

  • Ability to network with like-minded individuals and connect with the community.  

Cleaning Nature
Afternoon Prayer

Our Community.

  • Generate revenue for the masjid with zero overhead, liability, or administrative responsibility.

  • Bring your youth & young adults to the masjid.

  • Highlight and prioritize education in our communities.

  • Offer your community a highly sought-after program at a fraction of the market price.

  • Community outreach and community building. 

Featured Insight

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Revitalizing a Community - Building the Muslim Ummah through Education

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