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A Day in the Life

Our program, designed to fit into busy schedules, comprises sessions that are 2-3 hours long, held 2-3 times a week. This structure allows students to immerse themselves in a comprehensive educational journey, balancing academic rigor with explorative learning. Let's walk through a typical day at Hikmah, showcasing our blend of modern and classical education. ​ A day at Hikmah Education is more than just academic learning; it's a journey through diverse knowledge areas, practical skill-building, and personal growth. Our students leave each day not just with more knowledge but with enhanced skills, conversations with industry giants, a broader perspective, and a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of different fields of study. At Hikmah, every day is a step towards becoming a well-rounded, forward-thinking individual ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Tutoring Session

Schoolwork, Test Prep & Executive Functioning

Each session at Hikmah Education begins by focusing on the immediate academic needs of the student. This includes tackling homework, preparing for upcoming tests, and honing planning and executive functioning skills for the coming week. This initial phase is crucial as it ensures students are not just keeping up with their schoolwork but excelling in it. Our tutors provide personalized support, guiding students through challenging assignments and ensuring they are well-prepared for any assessments.


Enrichment & Advanced Learning

After addressing school essentials, students dive into our advanced curriculum, which is tailored to remediate past academic challenges or accelerate learning in new subjects. This part of the day is where our state-of-the-art software shines, offering personalized lessons in advanced subjects such as Software Development, Music, and that adapt in real-time to the student’s performance. Here, students have the opportunity to push ahead and well beyond their school curriculum, as well as explore modern educational fields like computer science and media studies. This blend of remediation, acceleration, and exploration is key to providing a comprehensive educational experience.

The Death of Socrates

Classical Learning

Students will then engage in our Classical Learning Section of the day by engulfing themselves in subjects like philosophy, the sciences, literature, and the arts. This is more than just textbook learning; it includes hands-on experiments in science, deep discussions in philosophy, and creative expression in art and literature. During this time, students have the unique opportunity to work directly with industry experts and personal tutors, such as musicians and artists, allowing them to gain real-world insights and develop their passions further.

Working on School Project

Project-Based Learning 

Each day at Hikmah concludes with project-based learning, where students apply their knowledge and skills in practical, real-world scenarios. Projects vary widely, from developing apps to running mock companies or tackling complex economic issues. This phase is crucial for developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit. It allows students to take ownership of their learning, encourages collaborative work, and offers a taste of real-world challenges and successes.

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